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Amma's Tomato Sar

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Amma's Tomato Sar... Hummm.. Yummy! Sar means Rasam/Curry. It is just the Kundapur way of saying it. Amma make's her own Sarin Puddi (Rasam Powder) at home. And portions of it is distributed to the daughters. Well, in my case since I am far from my home land and frequent trip for refilling Sarin powder is out of question, I have adopted to MTR Rasam Mix. There are lot of companies make Rasam pdr.,but I prefer MTR. And though I know how to make Sarin puddi at home, I get sick making it, :( and it never comes out as good as amma's Sarin puddi.

Tomato Sar (Rasam)

What you need:
Tomatoes - 4 diced
Garlic cloves - 6 crushed *
* (Take each garlic clove at a time, place the side of the knife flat over the clove and hit it with your fist. The garlic gets crushed and the skin peels out easily)
Haldi (turmeric pdr) half tsp.
Roasted Geera(cumin) Pdr - 2 tsp
Black pepper pdr - half tsp (optional)
Sarin Puddi / Rasam powder - 2 Tbsp
Jaggary - size of an almond
Salt to taste
Coriander a small bunch
For seasoning: Ghee/oil - 2 tsp; Mustard seeds; Curry leaves; Hing.

In a sauce pan take little ghee/oil, add crushed garlic and saute for a minute then add diced tomatoes let it cook for 3 minutes. Then add haldi, roasted geera powder, Sarin puddi/Rasam powder, jaggary and salt. Add chili pdr/black pepper pdr if you need it spicier. Mix all the ingredients and add 4 to 5 cups of water. Let it simmer to boil (boil for 5 minutes). For seasoning: in a metal small kadai add 2 spoons of ghee/oil and heat on low flame, add mustard seeds to it. Once the seeds starts to pop add curry leaves and Hing. Pour the whole season into the Sar/Rasam and cover the Sar immediately so that the flavor and aroma is locked in. :) Add lots of chopped coriander to the Sar. Serve hot with Rice.

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