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Hurikadale (Chickpeas) PanchaKajjaya

Saturday, October 15, 2016
Panchakajjaya: Is a prepared as Prasada a.k.a Naivedyam - offering to God during festivals. Is made out of 5 (Panch) elements or main ingredients. There are different variations of Panchakajjaya. Here is one usually offered to Load Ganesha. [ Check out Avalakki/Poha Panchakajjaya offered to Load Krishna]

. Chickpeas 1 cup
. Grated Dry coconut ½ cup
. Sugar ½ cup
. Cardamom pdr ½ tsp (from 3 – 4 pods)
. Ghee ½ tsp.
. Any dry fruit [Optional] Cashew or Almond (roasted and powered coarsely); or Raisins.

1.  In a blender/Mixie, powder Chickpeas. Remove the content into a separate bowl.
2. Add grated dry coconut, sugar, cardamom powder, ghee and dry fruit. Mix all together and keep aside. – for filling

Variation 2: - With Jaggary and Sesame Seeds
. Chickpeas pdr 2 cups
. Dry grated coconut - 2cups;
. Jaggary ¾ cup(grated);
. Sesame seeds 2 tbsp(roasted & crushed);
. Cardamom powdered ½ tsp.

1. Heat a thick bottom pan and add coconut and grated jaggary, fry them together for 6-7 mins, 
2. Add crushed sesame and cardamom powder and mix well,  fry for 2-3 mins 
3. Turn of the heat. Mix in the Chickpeas powder to the mixture.

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~ Hurikadale (Chickpeas) PanchaKajjaya ~
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