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Roasted Corn

Monday, July 24, 2006
Roasted Corn
Haaa! Roasted corn.. who can resist it? Especially when it is raining :)
It is nice if you have a BBQ grill - for an Indian style charcoal roasted corn... but since I don't have one, I had to improvise... on electric burner (You can see in the last picture of this post).

What you need:
Corn - white ones taste better then the yellow ones.
Chili sauce (or Red chili powder).
Lemon Juice.

What to do:
* Remove the husks off the corn. Discard the outer husks, which are usually bad. The rest of husks can be used for serving and to make brush to apply the spice on the corn.
* Mix Chili sauce (or Red chili powder), Lemon Juice and Salt in a small bowl and keep aside. If you are serving children omit Chili sauce or Chili powder.

Roasted Corn - Flavor on Top
* If the corn is directly over the coils of the burner, obviously the burner will have to be replaced very soon. So, you can keep a phulka maker frame over the burner, or do what I did - took a metal coaster bent its 3 legs and made sure the coaster does not touch the burner. Place the corn over the coaster and it at medium high. Repetitively turning the corn so that all the sides are roasted evenly.
* Remove corn from the burner, apply the mixture evenly with a brush. Roast the corn again for few more minutes. Yummm Spicy roasted corn is ready to enjoy.
Roasted Corn on the Burner


~ Roasted Corn ~
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