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Falooda Sev & China Grass(Agar Agar) Halwa/Barfi

Saturday, October 15, 2016

This is my own creation. :D Try it and let me know. As usual, I eye-ball the amount for the ingredients I use. Each time I make it, I use different combination. What can go wrong with milk, sugar and china grass.

. Milk - 1 litre full fat milk
. Condensed milk - 1 can
. Sugar - ½ cup
. China grass /Agar agar - 10 to 15 g (or Gilatin)
. Falooda Sav(noodle) - 1 ½ cup
. Cardamom pdr - from 1 or 2 pods
. Saffron - 5 to 8 threads

For Garnish:
1 tbl sp - pistachio or almond slices

1. Soak the agar agar in water (in a pan) for 10 to 15 minutes.
2. Heat milk in a sauce pan and add sugar to it, stirring to dissolve.
3. At the same time heat the soaked agar agar along with the water in another pan in medium to low heat.
4. When the milk starts to bubble, add Falooda Sav and condensed milk, reducing the heat to low and stirring continuously.
5. Add dissolved agar agar into the milk through a sieve and remove any undissolved residue.
6. Stir well, and remove from heat.
7. Mix in Cardamom pdr and transfer the mixture to a wide setting tray.
8. Sprinkle saffron  and refrigerate after cooling until set for 1 to two hours.
9. Cut into diamond or square shapes and garnish with pistachio or almond slices.
10. Serve cold.

1. Add ready Badam-Milk mix or Kulfi mix to the boiling milk in step-4 for different flavors.
2. If you  don't have Falooda-Sav, substitute with roasted vermicelli/semiya. 

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~ Falooda Sev & China Grass(Agar Agar) Halwa/Barfi ~
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