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Kajju Besan Khadhi / Cashew and Besan Barfi

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Kajju Besan Khadhi or just called Khadhi at home. This is my favorite barfi. My mom used to make it every year for my birthday. It is one of the popular Konkani and Mangalore sweets.

Ingredients :
. Besan ( Bengal gram Flour ) – 2 cup.
. Powdered cashew-nuts – ½ cup.
. Sugar – 2½ cup. (= Besan + Cashew)
. Water – ¾ cup.
. Ghee – ½ cup.
. Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

Method :
1. Sieve besan to remove any lumps and fry it with 3 tablespoon ghee on medium-low heat stirring continuously until nice aroma comes. Keep in mind not to burn it.
2. Add Cashew powder to besan and fry for minute or two more. This bring out extra cashew flavor. Note, mixture may turn in to very tiny balls ( not powder form). Turn off the heat and transfer the mixture on to a plate. If left in the pan it may burn.
3. Meanwhile grease a plate/flat-tray with ghee to pour the barfi.
4. Heat sugar and water in a heavy pan (may use same pan you fried besan). Keep stirring on medium-low heat.
5. Have cold water ready in a plate on the side for testing  syrup's consistency. You may test this by dropping a drop of syrup over a cold water,  it should form a ball/lump but should not disperse. You may rub your finger and it should form into a lump and not disperse immediately.
6. Once the above mentioned consistency is reached, stir in fried besan/cashewnut mixture to the syrup.
7. Once it is mixed well and starts to bubble, add rest of the ghee and cardamom powder. The mixture will start leaving the sides of the pan and would be ready to set.
8. Pour the mixture over the greased tray. You have to work quickly. I usually don't disturb by spatula so that I get the glossy finish on the top. I just shake or tap the tray for the mixture to spread evenly. If you would like to garnish it with saffron or nuts, now is the time or else it won't stick to the barfi as it starts to set immediately.
9. Make deep square or diamond shapes markings with a knife when it is half-set and still warm.
10. When it is completely cooled you may separate the barfi.
11. Store it in air-tight containers. Is good for over two weeks. No need to refrigerate.
Try this recipe and let me know. Happy Cooking!!

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~ Kajju Besan Khadhi / Cashew and Besan Barfi ~
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