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Gowri Pooja -Aug/26/2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

For Gowri Pooja I was supposed to make Hollige (Obatto or Puran Pulli). Well, as I was short of time I prepared these ladoo's instead... which is also like Higrewa, which Bangloreans make for festivals.

Channa Dhal (Kadale Bhele) - 1 cup.
Jaggary - 3/4 cup.
Coconut - 1/4 cup. - Shredded
Ghee - 2 tsp.
Cardamom - 3 pods.

1. Cook Channa Dhal in pressure cooker for 2 whistles. Let it cool.
2. In a food processor, without adding water - grind the cooked Channa dhal in to coarse paste.
3. In a sauce-pan, heat 1 tsp of ghee. Add the Jaggary and Coconut to it. Once Jaggary melts and starts to bubble, add the Channa dhal paste. Mix and cook for 5 minutes while stirring the mixture.
4. Add Cardamom powder and rest of the ghee and remove from the stove.
5. Roll the mixture into ladoo's while it is still hot. (Tip: Apply ghee on your palm, so the mixture won't burn your skin.)

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~ Gowri Pooja -Aug/26/2006 ~
Posted by Swetha @ 9/10/2006 03:59:00 PM ::
  1. Swetha,

    First time here and I loved all your recipes... I was brought up in Bangalore and I love Bangalore recipes...Thank you so much for sharing...
    By Blogger Chandrika, at September 20, 2006 6:49 AM  

  2. Hi, you have stopped blogging, B'lore girl! This sounds like Obbattu Hurana, which is dal stuffing in Holige! YUM!!:))

    Happy Diwali!:))
    By Blogger Foodie's Hope, at October 20, 2006 1:55 PM  

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